Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Am I sure about this?

My children 'turned me on to blogging' and by that turn of phrase, I am dating myself. There is only so much that a proponent of handwritten journals can write without a severe case of writer's cramp.

To pretend that I have valuable knowledge to share with the world in any area books me on an ego trip that I haven't packed for. I fear I will arrive at my destination in inappropriate attire or none at all. I do have a lot of knowledge-only because I have lived a lot of life. But it is my life - not yours, so take comfort in the fact that I will not be trying to change your life. While I am on the subject, I will describe my life...

I am a grandmother who learned to type on a manual typewriter (rat-a-tat-a-tat-tat DING! sshhooop) where typing errors were counted against your wpm. My first introduction to computers was HAL on 2001 - A Space Odyssey.

I married a man who worked for I.B.M. We had the very first 'home computer' (to the best of my knowledge)there's that word again. It was a Timex Sinclair - a small board with touch keys that hooked up to the television. The programs were loaded by cassette tapes that sounded like a lovesick Fax machine (though it was before the Fax was invented). After much study and hard work, I learned to program a clock - not a pretty clock or even a useful clock, but just a clock. I raised two kids with the comforting knowledge that, if ever I had to, I could program a clock on my Timex Sinclair. I have saved that little baby with 16k RAM - never know when I will need a clock.

After raising two kids, I am enjoying the fruits of my labor - grandchildren. No words can describe how wonderful that is. I live in a multi-generational home. I work in a fascinating industry where I never get bored. I have a weekend place (not as impressive as it sounds) with a studio to putter around in.

And now, I have a blog.

In this venue, I hope to pull together some of the pieces of my existence that are scattered in the four winds of the Internet. Along the way, I am quite sure, I will need some instruction.

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