Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dancing with Al

For the past eight years, my family has been involved in a very intricate dance. This dance consists of steps and moves that we have never practiced for and never thought we would need to know. It's a group dance with multiple members participating at different times, but the main dancers are always on the floor spinning and reeling, dipping and swaying, jumping and sliding, pulling and lifting....

The supporting dancers, of which I am one, step in at appropriate times to assist the main dancers during difficult moves or to just maintain a presence on the dance floor as a compliment to the lead dancers. They supply assistance or props for the main dancers, then leave the floor to watch from the sidelines until time to take the floor again.

If Al, the correographer, has it all down on paper, he certainly doesn't share the steps until the very last moment, so the dancers have to be on their toes at all times.

This is a marathon dance, but no winner will be declared.

This is a dance with Alzheimer's Disease. We are weary, but we will not stop dancing yet.